Wine Cellar (Backbone, Angular, React) A tribute to Christophe Coenraets

I remember my first day at Portzar right after I finished college. I had been studying during 5 years and I was not ready (not even close) for this new thing called Backbone. However, this example helped me a lot to understand the architecture.

Two years later, a new neighbour called Angular was knocking at Js door. And again, Christophe was there supporting me to understand it using the same example. By then I knew a lot about Backbone and the same example for Angular - combined with the official tutorial - helped me a lot to understand Google's framework basics.

After four years, I want to contribute following Christopher's pattern. I replicated wine-cellar example with React to help whoever is interested in learning how this new technology works, giving the user the chance to compare between different environments. Here is the repo
Thank you.


Marco Antonio Pajares Silva

I am a computer programmer, passionate about tech and JS world, newbie entrepreneur, former game developer, Madrilian and currently, Frontend developer at Smaato (Hamburg,Germany).

Hamburg, Germany

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