How I brought back to life my LG G3 with 1 cent

Not so long ago i was the proudly owner of the LG G3, it was the first one that i bought entirely free, no commitments.

I just loved it, but our romance disappeared a year ago, somehow the screen started to flicker and fades to darkness, I sent it to LG and they solved the problem...for about a month, after that (now, out of warranty) the bug appeared again and this time was the end for us.

... a Year later...

Do you know when you are watching youtube videos one after the other and the time just go by? That is exactly what happened to me yesterday ending up with this video:

WHAAT? Is one coin enough to fix this?

...Yes, it is.

After evenings surfing on amazon looking for a new phone, the solution was 1 euro cent. (or the plastic equivalent)

I also took advantage to the situation to:

And that's how i recovered an awesome phone for 14.01 euro cost :D

Viva DIY

Marco Antonio Pajares Silva

I am a computer programmer, passionate about tech and JS world, newbie entrepreneur, former game developer, Madrilian and currently, Frontend developer at Smaato (Hamburg,Germany).

Hamburg, Germany

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